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             "The best thing that happens to us when a great company gets into temporary trouble,

                    we want to buy them when they're on the operating table." - Warren Buffett






  • Nancy will help you secure property in prime suitable areas. She is endless in uncovering high end real estate, multiunit buildings, commercial property, church locations, estate sales, land, condos and coops, victorians and bank foreclosures.  

  • On occasion many of Nancy's clients have bought property from each other.  Her wherewithal on driving non stop leads, an eye on the market and being a lifelong DC resident gives a vital edge to being in the know of upcoming inventory.​  


  • She will connect you with advisors to maximize tax advantages, establish the most suitable finance structure and name(s) to purchase properties under.


  • Maximizing profits and attracting good tenants is important to all investors.  She aids her clients in obtaining the most suitable renter to reduce the risk of vacancy and suggests best finishes to attract good tenants. 









As an investor it is not advised to purchase based on emotional decisions such as:     


  • Purchasing an investment property using the same emotion as one would when buying a home to live in, e.g. not liking a neighborhood for yourself.


  • Spending money and time on color schemes and other items that do not improve rental return.


  • Purchasing property based on advice from friends and family members rather than using logic and research. 



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